Amber Polk EB
Can you keep a secret?
Megan McAlister will do just about anything to keep the people of Hope, Oklahoma from learning her secret. When she witnesses a kidnapping her hopes for a normal life could come crashing down around her. Finding herself confronted by the one man she wants to avoid, Detective Drew Calloway, she realizes the only way to get him out of her life is to use her power to find his sister—without becoming a government lab rat.
When a mysterious stranger arrives in town with knowledge of her secret, and has secrets of her own, her once quiet life is tossed into chaos. Questioning everything she thought she knew, she has to decide if she wants to go back to the safe life she had, or the life Drew is offering.
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Veronica Williams and her brother, Jacob, are struggling to survive on their family’s orchard after a mysterious plague wiped out two-thirds of the world’s population. She thinks her chances are slim to none of ever finding love in this new, perilous world.

When Luke Grislon stumbles upon their haven, she takes one look into his silver eyes and knows nothing will ever be the same again. Is it possible to believe that there is still humanity in an inhumane world? Can she trust the way this stranger makes her feel when she knows he has his own secrets?

There will come a time when he will leave, but will he be taking her heart with him? Or will his secrets destroy them all?

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Veronica Williams lost everything that kept her alive: her home, her heart, and most importantly, her brother Jacob. She is forced to push past the grief to seek vengeance against the man who took it all-Luke Grislon.

Set on a journey of no return, she is willing to pay the ultimate price for revenge, her humanity.

Can she find peace in a shattered world, or will doubts, mistrust, and unanswered secrets be more than she can endure?

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