Weekly Digs

7/18/20 Weekly Digs

*Right now none of my links are affiliated and unfortunately, I’m not making a single penny and all opinions are my very own.

Here we are again ya’ll.  Another week has passed and I get to tell you guys what I’ve been digging this week!  Since this was the week prior to a week long staycation, work was overly stressful and busy.  We always pay for taking a vacation don’t we?  It’s worth a week of not having to put shoes on if I don’t want to.  The list I’m giving you all today is what helped me get through the week.

Vintage look of summer daisies in grass

The first one is a little risky (language and other stuff), but it’s funny and has a good storyline.  The main actor in it, Inbar Lavi, it absolutely gorgeous.  The show is called, Imposters and I’m almost finished with season one and I can say even if it goes downhill from there, it’s been worth the watch.

Next up is the office bathroom Juniper Home posted here.  I am trying to think of a way to talk my boss into letting me redo our bathrooms at work (it will never happen).  Seriously, though, Jenny has such great style.  I have yet to find anything she’s redone that I didn’t like.  If you haven’t seen the Evergreen walk-through, you should.  I would move in that house exactly how it is in the video.  I am excited to see what she does with the rest of the spaces in her new office.

One of favorite stress go-to’s this week has been frozen Kind Bars.  They’re pretty good for you from what I can tell (do your own research, I’m not a scientist), and they taste SO GOOD.  My 42nd birthday was Tuesday and I came home and ate two of these as a celebration.  Next week I’ll let you in on how I’m celebrating this weekend with a friend since my husband is on deployment.

Anyone else listen to podcasts?  I am a huge fan of them and hope more and more people come out with them for my entertainment.  I’m really digging RomCom Pod.  It’s cute, funny, and has a good story.  You can find it where ever you listen to podcasts.  I don’t have and will never have an Iphone, so I listen on the Doublepod app.

Lastly, is these curtains!  I’m always leery of buying curtains online, but the quality of these are AMAZING.  I bought them for the guest bedroom and they’re fantastic.  Just don’t make the same mistake I did and think the price is for both panels.  It’s for one panel.  I know they’re a little expensive, but is well worth it.

These are the curtains

Lots happening next week and I have a ton of new blog posts coming up!  I can’t wait to share them with you!

Leave me a note and tell me if you try any of these or let me know if there’s something you want me to try out.

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