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7/11/20 Weekly Digs

I’m decided to start a “Weekly Digs” section on the blog. I enjoy when other pages do a round-up or suggestions, so I figured maybe someone here would like one from me. Here it goes!

If you want something fun to read and like a little mystery, try the Dewberry Farm Mysteries by Karen MacInerney.  The first few are on Audible if you use that, but the last few I have read on my Amazon Kindle app.  I love a good cozy mystery.

Do you know who Boxwood Avenue is?  If not, you should.  Here is a blog post of hers on galleries walls.  She has such a lovely home and personality not to mention I get a kick out of watching her goats go with her on her evening walks on Instagram stories.  She also has many YouTube videos to binge.

Anyone else’s favorite fruit blackberries?  Thankfully, my sister-in-law and her husband were overran with blackberries in June and I was given tons.  I plan on making multiple things with them, including this wonderful Blackberry Infused Earl Grey Iced Tea.  

One Armed Mama

I scored big at Goodwill this week with this twin sized headboard and footboard I got for $15.00!  And, I got this signed 1978 painting with an AMAZING frame for a whooping $12.00.  

The last thing I’m digging this week is tomatoes!  Yes, tomatoes.  Specifically, my homegrown tomatoes I am growing in 5 gallon buckets on my back porch!


If there’s anything you want me to cover on my weekly digs, let me know! 

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