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In late December, I listened to a Podcast episode from Rachel and Dave Hollis that impacted me deeply. So much so I begged my husband to listen to it (and he did) so he would understand what was about to happen, had to happen, and hoped he would be 100% behind me (and he is). I preordered Girl Wash Your Face and by doing that I received a video she did giving steps on how to achieve your goals. That night I bought a notebook and wrote down exactly how I wanted my life to be. A very detailed list. Seriously, I even wrote down what color nail polish I could see myself wearing in my vision of myself.

I had made the decision that if I wanted this life I envisioned, I’m the only person who was going to make it happen. No fairy god-mother was going to come down with her magical wand and grant me my dreams. I was going to work hard, real hard, and live the life I want.

Every morning (I have missed a handful of days) I get up an hour earlier than I used to. I spend at least thirty minutes looking at my vision, dream, goal, whatever you want to call it, list then write down what I’m going to do that day to get a step, even if it’s small, closer to my goal. I also write down what happened the day before. This way every single day I have a mission and I don’t forget what I’m working towards.

Amazingly enough, it’s working.

I’m not going to say everything that’s on my list, but its three pages long. So far I’ve paid off two credit cards and by this time next year we should be completely out of credit card debit. I haven’t drank Dr. Pepper since January 1st and honestly, I was addicted to it. I have a regular physical activity routine. I trained for and ran a 5k!!! I get out more and spend time with friends. A couple of weeks ago I went on a daycation kayaking trip with my bestie and had more fun than I’ve had in far too long. I was in my element. Kayaking and traveling were both on my list too! And this isn’t a check off list. This is a lifestyle list.

BTW, kayaking at Hochatown was one of the cleanest and fun rivers I’ve kayaked down!


My face cracks me up.  The water was freezing!


Speaking of traveling, in 2019 I may have the chance to take two trips out of country! Not one, but two! Without making my goal list and looking at it every day, I don’t think it would be even remotely possible.

My 20’s were long and I had small children. My focus was on them. My 30’s flew by so quickly it’s mind boggling. Now, being less than a month away from 40 (it doesn’t seem possible), I want to spend this decade enjoying every single year! I want to soak it in. I am going to travel, live with less, have adventures, and be debt free. I want to take cooking classes and have photos my great grandchildren think, “dang, my Yaya knew how to live!”.  Curveballs happen, they always do. Heck, I’ve already had a few big ones in the last 6 months, but I just go back and read my list and figure out how the new circumstance can fit into my goal and not how I’m going to fit into the circumstance.

Life’s short ya’ll. We gotta live it while we can.

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