2017 Bucket List

Every year, instead of resolutions, I like to write a yearly bucket list. This way I don’t end up feeling disappointed in myself by February 1st, when I don’t stick to whatever resolution I set and didn’t achieve.  With my bucket list, I don’t have that problem.  I can make a list of all the things I would like to do, see, and create then try to do as many of them as I can before the year is up.  Here are a few examples of my 2017 bucket list.

  • Have a weekend getaway with my gal pals.
  • Try a yoga class.
  • Bake a pie from scratch.
  • Take more nature walks.
  • Remodel the downstairs bathroom.

Some years my list has twenty things, some years it has fifty.

I love looking at my list throughout the year and checking off the things I was able to do AND, if I don’t get some of them checked off, I just add it to the next year. It’s a win/win situation.

My husband and I started 2017 out with a big bang. We decided to take one of the projects on our list and get it done over our four day holiday.  We ripped down on of the living room walls to the studs (which we plan to do to all of the living room walls), put up sheet rock, and did a faux-shiplap, accent wall.  We also planked a wall in our dining room and repainted the entire room.  We feel very accomplished already and we’re not even into our second week of the year!  We’re still working on the décor aspect of the dining room and looking for the perfect buffet to put against the planked wall (and build a kitchen table to replace the current one), but we’ll get there eventually! J

Stay tuned for before and after photos of the dining room! Can’t wait to show you how awesome it looks.

Happy New Year!


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