Hochatown, Oklahoma

Lately, my husband and I have been working our tails off at work. He’s working usually six days a week and twelve hours per day in a building without A/C. As you can imagine, he has been drained mentally as well as physically. Mine has been more mental exhaustion. I haven’t been able to relax and concentrate enough to do much more than the basics and writing has been out of the question.

We needed a break.

Last weekend we had the immense pleasure of spending Friday thru Sunday in a luxury cabin in the mist of pines and not far from Beaver Bend Lake. We drove through the gorgeous Ouachita Mountains to get there. The drive alone was fantastic. This cabin was perfect. Perfect! It was a two bedroom, one upstairs and one downstairs. We took the upstairs while my best friend and her husband took the downstairs (they got there before us and picked their room).  It was called B’s Retreat.  You can take a look at all the cabins here.



My favorite part of the cabin was the large wraparound porch. First thing we did after unloading was make a sandwich and sit on the porch, watching the sun set through the trees. The place immediately put our souls to ease and transformed our mindset from work to relaxation.



Saturday morning my best friend and I decided to try Stand Up Paddling while the guys played a round of golf. My back has been giving me trouble since July 1st so I was a little nervous to try it out, but so glad that I did. Who knew SUPing would be so fun?

When I first got on it, I had to stay on my knees and paddle, but once I got settled I didn’t have any issues standing up. I was surprised how swiftly they move over water. There was one time I got a little cocky and thought I could jiggle the board a little, but all it managed to do was knock me off and ruin my freshly washed and fixed hair.

The curly hair came out!


After an hour of that, we returned to the cabin, showered and headed to Girls Gone Wine. What a fun place. They have a variety of wines to taste not to mention the wonderful Wine-a-Rita. Let me tell you, I wanted to take the machine home! It was so stinking good. So, I got tipsy at wine tasting. Luckily, the tipsy didn’t last long.


Once we all made it back to the cabin, we grilled and ate on the porch before chilling out and calling it a night.

The next morning I got up extra early and sat outside and for the first time in far too long, I wanted to write. I pulled out my notebook and spent a good hour writing with the sound of nature surrounding me.


The entire weekend was beautiful, relaxing, and exactly what we needed. I can’t wait to go back.


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